From the radio to online, Tape Swap has been finding different ways to send out transmissions for our 4-year lifespan. Now, we're excited to announce our very own zine, "Transmissions," spearheaded by Tape Swap's Eddie Mackavage. "Transmissions" aims to be a new way to broadcast everything that is happening in the Lehigh Valley's independent and DIY music scene. While we dedicate a lot of work to spotlighting music over the air and online, we know that, at its core, our music scene grows with real person-to-person interactions that happen out in the community. Having an outlet to discover the Valley's music scene is important to us at Tape Swap, and that's what "Transmission" is all about--real world discovery and sharing. From Tape Swap co-founder Matt Molchany's roots in helping to produce the "Bethlehem Above Ground" zine in the 2000's, we hope "Transmissions" continues the important legacy of zine makers in the Valley who document and support our community's music scene.

Tape Swap's "Transmissions" zine will be available for free at a number of locations that support local music throughout the Lehigh Valley. Check back on this page for an updated list of where you can pick up a copy. Until then, take a look at samples from our first issue and follow the "Transmissions" Instagram page for more previews.