On this show, we welcome up-and-coming Bethlehem sad jammers Small Mess to Shards for a session. We also mark the release of the band's first 5" single on Square of Opposition Records by talking with Square of Opposition founder Chris Rejec and listening to some selections he brought from the label's catalogue. Square of Opposition Records has been an enduring presence in the Lehigh Valley's DIY punk community since it began in 2001, and Square of Opposition's release of the new Small Mess Out the Window/Fourth of July 5" single is only the latest in a 16-year history supporting DIY music in the Lehigh Valley and beyond.

---------PART ONE---------
Small Mess: An Introduction (0:37)
Chris Rejec: Before Square of Opposition Records (2:13)
The Insurgent - Murdock and Electric (6:41)
Chris Rejec: Sticking with Square of Opposition for 16 Years (9:11)
Chris Rejec: The Business Side of Square of Opposition (12:06)
Spraynard - Airports and Prank Calls (14:36)

---------PART TWO---------
Small Mess - Out the Window (18:07)
Small Mess - Another Hit (20:40)
Small Mess: Becca Moving from a Solo Performer to a Full Band (23:38)
Small Mess: Mitch, Jordan, and Jared on Playing in Small Mess (24:30)
Small Mess: Origin of the Name 'Small Mess' (25:43)
Small Mess: Becca's Songwriting Topics (26:49)
Small Mess - Untitled (27:29)
Small Mess - More Than Miles (29:34)
Small Mess: Experience Playing Live (34:23)
Small Mess: Impression of the Lehigh Valley Music Scene in 2017 (35:30)
Small Mess: Becca's Work with Lehigh Valley Girls Rock (36:11)
Small Mess: Becca on Women in Music (36:49)
BAND PICK: Georgia Foreman - I'll Figure It Out (37:28)

---------PART THREE---------
Chris Rejec: Working with Secret Art Space (41:54)
Chris Rejec: Did He Have a Plan? (44:10)
Yo Man Go! - Life Lessons (45:20)
Chris Rejec: His Stand-Out Moments of the Last 16 Years (48:56)
Snowing - Big Weed (51:03)

Square of Opposition Records:

Small Mess:

Georgia Foreman (Band Pick):