Rooftop Sessions

Introducing Tape Swap Radio's newest live music project: Rooftop Sessions. Launched in summer 2017, the Rooftop Sessions feature original live recordings of bands on the roof of the four-story Cigar Factory building in Allentown. These sessions feature the same studio-quality audio as our Shards Sessions captured by a Shards mobile sound unit along with high-definition video that includes aerial drone footage. The resulting Rooftop Sessions are broadcasted on our radio program as well as having podcasts and video available online.

The Cigar Factory is a 40,000-square-foot former tobacco production facility, which dates to the late 1800's. Today, it has been transformed into an arts and community hub which is home to artist studios, the Alternative Gallery, Coffee House without Limits, Inkhound Press, and more. The Cigar Factory has been host to a lot of live music in the Lehigh Valley's DIY community throughout the 90's and early 2000's, so it was a natural home for an upstart DIY project like the Rooftop Sessions. Roots run deep.


This Way to the Egress

The Bethlehem gypsy/rock/vaudeville troop joined us for the inaugural Rooftop Session in July 2017 as they were preparing to release their new album, Onward! Up a Frightening Creek.

The Insidious Rays

The Bethlehem punk/surf/funk band joined us in September 2017 to play a collection of new songs that the band plans to release on their new album in 2018.