Wilkes-Barre's Doghouse Charlie & The Buck Knife brought us out to the Cigar Factory roof on a cold spring day in April for our first Rooftop Session of 2018. At this point in the year, it had been a long winter where cold days refused to give way to the warmth of spring, but that wasn't about to stop the Tape Swap crew or the band. In fact, the first song of Doghouse Charlie's set was, appropriately, titled "Friend of the Season." This is a band whose music is certainly adaptable and light, almost floating through the air untethered. The band mixes an airy psych rock with a lo-fi indie feel that's drenched in reverb and effects.

As lead singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter Charles Davis describes, Doghouse Charlie & The Buck Knife functions more as a collective than a traditional band. Members come and go through studio recordings and live shows with Charles acting as sort of a hub with the connecting spokes being an assortment of talented North East Pennsylvania musicians who call places like Wilkes-Barre and Scranton home. Despite this collective mentality, the core of the line-up has solidified more-so in recent years, and these memebrs joined us on the rooftop: Mark on guitar, Chelsea on keyboard, and Andrew on drums. Joined by their friend Selena on backing vocals, the band performed three songs live, the last of which, "Come Back as a Tree," was featured on Doghouse Charlie's most recent album, 2017's Three Sisters.

SHOW #49

---------PART ONE---------
Doghouse Charlie & The Buck Knife - An Introduction (0:37)
The Front End - Hey God  (2:31)
L.M.I. - Salamander (6:07)
We're from Antarctica - I Don't Care (8:15)

---------PART TWO---------
Doghouse Charlie & The Buck Knife - A Rooftop Session (12:10)
----> Friend of the Season (12:59)
----> True Blue (15:57)
----> Interview Part 1 (19:03)
----> Come Back as a Tree (23:34)
----> Interview Part 2 (29:45)
BAND PICK: Mind Choir - Chatter (33:03)

---------PART THREE---------
The Quality of Mercury - Breathe in Stereo (38:01)
Steel City Ruins - Finite (43:14)

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