The five members of Line Leader joined us at Shards in August 2017, a month before releasing their debut album Wilt. The band was on the first night of their tour with fellow Philadelphia music scene misfits, Cerulean Blue. In fact, Line Leader founder Spyder, or Sean Clark, was also serving as bassist for Cerulean Blue on this trek down the east coast. The two bands take a number of musical cues from each other, balancing a brash and noisey DIY aesthetic—that would make them sound at home in any punk basement venue—with a deep-held affinity for the great rock songwriters of the 1970s like George Harrison and Harry Nilsson. Originally starting Line Leader as a solo project, Spyder has grown his band into a fully muscled machine that hits hard and delivers a punk-inspired punch.

SHOW #57


---------PART ONE---------
The Curls - Hit Em Where It Hurts (3:18)
You & Your Whatever - Heart Breaks in Three (6:34)
Horrible Charlie - Browning Out (9:52)

---------PART TWO---------
Line Leader - Premonition (12:12)
Line Leader - Gemini Divide (16:08)
Line Leader - Bubblegum (20:54)
Line Leader - Interview Part 1
----> Band introductions (22:57)
----> Experience playing live (23:22)
----> Beginning of the band (24:26)
----> Other bands or artists that are reference points for understanding Line Leader (25:10)
Line Leader - Soft Spot (27:15)
Line Leader - Through the Ringer (30:40)
Line Leader - Skin Changer (33:56)
Line Leader - Interview Part 2
----> What can people expect at a Line Leader show? (37:51)
----> Memorable live shows (38:20)
----> Discussing the band pick (39:59)
BAND PICK: Arthur Shea - Hell Yah (41:31)

---------PART THREE---------
Matt Saincome - Interview Part 1
----> Starting The Hard Times (43:58)
----> Gulch is excited to be in the Bay Area DIY music scene (48:22)
Gulch - E.P.T.S. (49:15)
High Pressure - Foreign Policy (51:47)
Matt Saincome - Interview Part 2
----> Matt grew up with the members of High Pressure (54:58)
----> Keeping up with the Bay Area DIY music scene (56:37)
----> How many articles has The Hard Times written? (58:08)
----> Favorite Hard Times headlines (59:02)
----> Upcoming Hard Times projects (1:01:29)
----> The Old Firm Casuals make Oi! music that’s tough yet melodic (1:02:38)
The Old Firm Casuals - Pendulum (1:04:44)

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