Easton's Brother JT has weaved a storied and memorable career in his close-to-four decades making music. After leaving behind garage rock outfit The Original Sins, JT still finds his feet firmly planted in a DIY music headspace in the Lehigh Valley, making music for the sake of the music. His latest album Tornado Juice was released in 2018 on Thrill Jockey Records and finds JT as focused and refined as ever. We welcomed JT along with bandmates Jamie (drums), Ron (bass), and Mike (guitar) to the Cigar Factory in Allentown for a Rooftop Session in June 2018 to perform songs off of the new album.

Also on the show, Matt and Shamus pick out some of their recent favorite psych bands and artists from the area. Finally, longtime Lehigh Valley radio presence Neil Hever joins us with some rare records from his collection that take us through a Valley garage rock journey in the 1980's starting with St. John's Alliance and finishing with The Original Sins.

---------PART ONE---------
Isaac Breininger - Hide Away (2:37)
The Beings - Sail On  (6:32)
Grass - Get in the Van (10:23)
Under the Clothesline - Fry to Crispy  (13:43)

---------PART TWO---------
Brother JT - T.M.I. (19:11)
Brother JT - Peaks and Valleys (22:55)
Brother JT - Interview Part 1
----> What is tornado juice? (26:16)
----> What is driving JT to still make music? (26:54)
----> The band's thoughts on playing with JT (27:24)
----> When did the band members start playing with JT? (27:38)
----> JT on listening to new kinds of music for inspiration (28:10)
----> Differences between Tornado Juice and other recent albums (28:48)
Brother JT - Way to Go (30:20)
Brother JT - Manifest Boogie (36:08)
Brother JT - Interview Part 2
----> What is going through their heads when they perform? (40 :28)
----> Thoughts on the Lehigh Valley music scene today (41:54)
----> Discussing the band pick (43:54)
BAND PICK: RunHideFight - Eat My Heart Out [Pre-Studio Demo] (45:11)

---------PART THREE---------
Neil Hever - Interview Part 1
----> Radio and music background (49:06)
----> Discovering St. John's Alliance on WMUH (52:38)
St. John's Alliance - Mark My Word (54:51)
The Creatures - Crazy Date (56:57)
Neil Hever - Interview Part 2
----> The Creatures name change and Crazy Date record (1:00:11)
The Creatures - Gonna Hang Myself [Early Rehearsal Recording] (1:01:37)
Neil Hever - Interview Part 3
----> The Creatures early rehearsals and shows (1:02:58)
----> JT's journey to The Original Sins (1:04:42)
The Original Sins - Cross My Heart (1:05:45)
The Original Sins - Just 14 (1:09:27)
Neil Hever - Interview Part 4
----> Just 14 controversy and legacy (1:13:35)
The Original Sins - The Party's Over Now (1:15:58)

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