In June 2014, the four members of Sing, Bird of Prey had only played one official show before coming to Shards to record their session. Tape Swap's Matt Molchany happened upon the band in their Kresgeville, Pennsylvania practice space in a hunt for audio equipment and immediately invited the band to record. Sing, Bird of Prey's psych rock inclinations never venture too far into ambling haziness. Instead, the band seems to keep a cohesiveness structure to their songwriting in the back of their minds at all times.

This focused ambition seems to run all throughout what Sing, Bird of Prey does including being meticulous about their live sound at performances . "We want everything to be heard because it's a little more complex than what we're used to." It's this complex sound that is the reason the band wants to move away from playing basement punk shows that some of the band members' previous projects frequented. "Even though we're straying away from the punk scene, we're still writing songs from the heart." Ultimately, the band hopes to connect with listeners in a real way. "That's what we want to get across--the raw emotion that's put into it. That's what I'd like, and we'd all would like, people to feel when they go see us or listen to us."

1. Wild Type
2. Microsatellite
3. Downstream
4. Crystal Embryo
5. Interview

The Holy Mess (Band Pick):

Sing, Bird of Prey: