Three-piece minimal experimental band Transkam from Tokyo, Japan joined us for a Shards Session during their first U.S. tour in October 2016. The band recorded their session before their set at Bethlehem bar and performance space, The Funhouse.

Tranksam's eclectic music takes advantage of polyrhythms as well as looping pedals to create a complex sound that mixes punk, krautrock, noise, and more. The band simply calls their sound "junk." Here is a video of their performance of "Indicator" from their Shards Session.

SHOW #48

---------PART ONE---------
Transkam: An Introduction (0:37)
Michael Young Interview (2:18)
----> Beginnings of his Japan/U.S. connection (2:52)
----> Baltimore's Japan/U.S. arts history (4:58)
----> Alan Smithee's Mad Universe (6:24)
Alan Smithee's Mad Universe - Solid I (6:46)
Michael Young Interview (13:14)
----> Playing dates on the tour (13:49)
----> DADARAY (16:23)
DADARAY - 少しでいいから殴らせて [Sukoshideiikara Nagurasete] (16:03)

---------PART TWO---------
Transkam - Fairchild (23:48)
Transkam - ⌘F (31:00)
Transkam Interview Part 1 (33:10)
----> What to expect at a Transkam show(33:37)
----> The band's eclectic music tastes (34:11)
----> The meaning of junk (34:59)
----> The start of the band (35:38)
----> The tour so far (36:30)
Transkam - Giant Steps(37:09)
Transkam - Indicator (42:14)
Transkam Interview Part 2 (48:24)
----> Thoughts on the U.S. and Japanese music scenes (48:29)
----> Band picks (50:25)
BAND PICK: The Great Depression - Purple Skirt (51:49)
BAND PICK: Rita Fishbone - Stubborn (54:31)

---------PART THREE---------
Michael Young Interview (58:38)
----> The band gets international driver's licenses (58:50)
----> Otori (1:00:00)
Otori - 反転 [Hanten] (1:00:49)
P-iPLe - Starbucks' Curse (1:05:02)
Michael Young Interview (1:07:38)
----> P-iPLe (1:07:53)

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