On this show, Bethlehem's Gypsy punk/vaudeville troop This Way to the Egress perform our inaugural Rooftop Session on the Cigar Factory building in Allentown. Our staff picks for this show highlight artists who played in the Lehigh Valley during July including local indie pop band Doctor Ransom and Brooklyn folk punk group Out of System Transfer. Originally aired on WDIY 88.1 FM (Lehigh Valley's Community NPR Station) on July 14, 2017.


Doctor Ransom - Hook and Cross
Ronnie Rock & The Trendsetters - Trendsetter (Alternate Studio Take)
Crooked Spine - Clair 2
Beach Bod - Nathan Kinda Looks Like a Ham
This Way to the Egress - What Do You Want?
This Way to the Egress - Mark of the Beast
Interview Part 1
This Way to the Egress - See No Evil
This Way to the Egress - Southbound
Interview Part 2
The Ford Theatre Reunion - New American Standard
Travis J & The Rhinestones - Goth Beach
The Wildlings - Arabian Lap Dance
Ratboys - GM
Out of System Transfer - The Horse (and his boi-sterous hatred for all forms of earthly authority)