Bethlehem, PA's This Way to the Egress can only begin to be described as a concoction of gypsy, vaudeville, punk rock, and circus music. Even that description doesn't do them justice. Maybe a better way to put it is, they are simultaneously the circus' main attraction and P.T. Barnum's outlandish showmanship rolled into one. The Lehigh Valley showmen and women admit they did the usual band trajectory backwards, starting with hitting the road soon after forming in 2008 and only recently focusing on building a solid local prescence to grow roots in their hometown. With Egress' fourth studio album, Onward! Up a Frightening Creek, set to be released in September 2017, the band is making strides to grow those local roots, performing at at a slew of LV venues in the summer and fall of 2017 including the new One Centre Square venue in Easton, The Funhouse in Bethlehem, Allentown ArtsFest, and this session for Tape Swap Radio recorded in June 2017.

This session marks Tape Swap Radio's first Rooftop Session and we're thrilled to be able to bring bands up to the roof of the four-story Cigar Factory building in Allentown. The building is home to the Alternative Gallery, Coffee House without Limits, Inkhound Press, and more. The Cigar Factory has been host to a lot of live music in the LV's DIY community throughout the 90's and early 2000's, so it is fortuitous that our project has ended up on the roof of this same building. Roots run deep.

1. What Do You Want? (0:03)
2. Mark of the Beast (4:21)
3. See No Evil (8:14)
4. Southbound (11:52)
5. Interview (16:33)
6. Band Pick: The Ford Theatre Reunion - New American Standard (25:33)

The Ford Theatre Reunion (Band Pick):

This Way to the Egress: