Born out of Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA, a small rust belt city north of Pittsburgh, Captain the Sky is a four-piece band that delivers crisp indie pop filtered through an almost ethereal post-rock lens. The band released their sophomore EP, Lions & Foxes, in March 2017 and hit the road to play shows. During their tour, they had a weekender in eastern Pennsylvania in May, first playing a show in West Chester, then driving north to record this session for us at Shards.

Since recording this session, we've invited the band back to the Lehigh Valley to play our stage at Allentown ArtsFest 2017, so you can tell they made a good impression on us.

SHOW #46

---------PART ONE---------
Captain the Sky: An Introduction (0:37)
Best DIY Releases of 2017: Matt Molchany (3:34)
Spirit Of... - Mania (5:19)
Best DIY Releases of 2017: Caroline Hanna (10:37)
Shannen Moser - Alex [282] (12:24)
Best DIY Releases of 2017: Andrew Rutledge (15:38)
Soft Idiot - Brother, Pt. 1 (17:41)

---------PART TWO---------
Captain the Sky - Redwoods (21:40)
Captain the Sky - Shorelines (25:42)
Captain the Sky: the beginning of the band (30:32)
Captain the Sky: the sound of the band (31:59)
Captain the Sky: Aaron's lyrical approach (33:50)
Captain the Sky - Canopies (34:51)
Captain the Sky - Mythomania (39:05)
Captain the Sky: the Beaver Falls music scene (43:48)
Captain the Sky: band pick (48:42)
Primer & Grayscale - Passion Play (49:30)

---------PART THREE---------
Best DIY Releases of 2017: Eddie Mackavage (55:58)
Small Mess - Carter (57:12)
Best DIY Releases of 2017: James Ravelle (59:45)
Swimmer's Lungs - Final Jeopardy (1:01:26)
Best DIY Releases of 2017: Shamus McGroggan (1:03:56)
Fool Heavy - Canada Dry (1:05:05)

Originally aired on WDIY 88.1 FM (Lehigh Valley's Community NPR Station) on December 22, 2017.