On this show, we have a Shards Session with Daytime Cleaners, a four-piece garage rock/jangle pop band from Bethlehem, PA. The band is made-up of Don, Ben, Bill, and Earl, who have played in Lehigh Valley bands like Narrow Lover, Poor Diet, and The Under Sixteens. The band joined us to record this session in May 2017.

We also talk with Ramona Córdova, an experimental artist currently based in Philadelphia, who's playing our next Tape Swap Presents live show at Lit Roastery in Bethlehem on January 11, 2018. Ramona talks about traveling the world, discusses the inspiration behind the new album On Paper, and picks out music from some of their favorite recent DIY/independent releases.

This show premiered on WDIY (Lehigh Valley's Community NPR Station) on January 5, 2018.

---------PART ONE---------
Daytime Cleaners: An Introduction (0:37)
Ramona Córdova - Secret Prayer (2:55)
Ramona Córdova Interview (8:00)
----> Lehigh Valley and Philly connections (8:10)
----> Growing up and moving across the U.S. (8:46)
----> Returning to the U.S. to record the new album (9:36)
----> Wheatie Mattiasich (11:08)
Wheatie Mattiasich - This Way (12:37)
Sarah M. - Control (15:03)
Ramona Córdova Interview (17:03)
----> Sarah M. (17:24)

---------PART TWO---------
Daytime Cleaners - Sleep Debt (19:56)
Daytime Cleaners - Bonnie Brown (23:31)
Daytime Cleaners Interview (26:38)
----> How long they've been playing (26:38)
----> The name of the band (27:12)
----> Musical influences (27:27)
----> Current demo EP and future release plans (28:07)
----> Lyrical approach (28:42)
----> Musical approach (29:07)
Daytime Cleaners - Limerance (29:59)
Daytime Cleaners - Fields (34:13)
Daytime Cleaners Interview (37:08)
----> The Lehigh Valley music scene (37:18)
----> Band pick (40: 22)
Honey Radar - Fort Wayne Mermaids (41:27)

---------PART THREE---------
Ramona Córdova Interview (44:54)
----> The new album, 'On Paper' (45:02)
----> Gaspar Claus (47:02)
Marion Cousin & Gaspar Claus -Madona De Sa Cabana (48:38)
Ramona Córdova Interview (49:51)
----> M.I.A. (50:14)
M.I.A. - Finally (51:24)
Ramona Córdova - Printemps (51:40)

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