When the band Introduced each song with "We're Cerulean Blue...like a gentle breeze," donning masks that looked like they belonged at Carnival, we knew Cerulean Blue's session would be a memorable one. The four-piece experimental glam rock band from Philadelphia joined us at Shards in August 2017.  The four songs they performed come from the band's new self-released EP Take It or Leave It.

Cerulean Blue was born out of the ashes of singer, guitarist, and songwriter Kevin Brusha's previous band, Walking Distance (listen to their Shards Session here). Cerulean Blue is made up of former Walking Distance bassist, Spyder, along with James on violin and Paul on drums. Kevin also formerly ran the Philly DIY venue The Nest, but since the end of the venue and the end of Walking Distance a few years ago, he admits in our interview that his future with music was uncertain.

Forming Cerulean Blue was a new beginning for the Philly musician, and just like the song which starts their set, a "Rebirth." Cerulean Blue is a band wrapped up in Kevin's love for the Beach Boys, Big Star, T. Rex, and David Bowie. "I just want to give someone that's listening that rock and roll experience while also giving them an off-putting experience, like 'where is this all going?'"

Show #50

Philadelphia experimental glam rock band Cerulean Blue perform a Shards Session; plus Michigan City, Indiana music promoter Tim Bauer discusses the Northwest Indiana DIY music scene and picks out some of his favorite area bands and artists to play. This show premiered on WDIY 88.1 FM (Lehigh Valley's NPR Station) in June 2018.

---------PART ONE---------
Cerulean Blue - An Introduction (0:37)
Tim Bauer - Interview Part 1  (3:17)
----> Tim's job and connection to the music scene (3:48)
----> Where is Michigan City? (4:45)
----> Michigan City/Chicago relationship (5:32)
----> Discovering Evil Waves (6:52)
Evil Waves - Flying Machines (8:16)
Prince Woodie - Awakenings (11:24)
Tim Bauer - Interview Part 2 (13:27)
----> Meeting Prince Woodie (13:45)
----> Different music styles in the NW Indiana music scene (15:00)
----> Discovering The Curls (16:39)
The Curls - Do It Right (17:58)
Wood Chickens - Time Don't Stop for Nobody (21:41)
Tim Bauer - Interview Part 3 (23:45)
----> Discussing Wood Chickens (24:10)
----> Booking the Swale Music Festival (25:13)
----> Final thoughts (27:03)

---------PART TWO---------
Cerulean Blue - Rebirth (30:05)
Cerulean Blue - The Moon (32:42)
Cerulean Blue - Interview Part 1 (36:22)
----> The band introduces themselves (36:31)
----> Thoughts on beginning their tour (37:10)
----> How the band started (37:43)
----> The band's musical influences (39:23)
Cerulean Blue - Untitled (40:48)
Cerulean Blue - Pale Blue Light (43:30)
Cerulean Blue - Interview Part 2 (46:03)
----> Meaning behind "Rebirth" (46:21)
----> The Philadelphia music scene (46:44)
----> Discussing Sun Organ (48:13)
BAND PICK: Sun Organ - Holding Hands (49:44)

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