Professional wrestling and DIY music came together at National Sokols in Bethlehem on July 20, 2018 for Let's Hang Out, a co-production of LVAC and BWA. Tape Swap Radio was on hand to handle sound for the event, and we're excited to bring you the full audio and commentary with some photos. The event featured five matches as well as performances from Cheap Pop, Spirit of the Beehive , and Mannequin Pussy. The event was MC'd by "Party Tsar" Vlad Radinov with commentary by "Diamond" Joe Leonard.

MATCH 1 (3:16)
Razerhawk vs. Dan Champion vs. Billy Avery vs. Krist Worthless vs. Dragonfly

Commissioner Chris Reject (21:09)

MATCH 2 (26:29)
Demi Exo vs. Riley Sheperd

MATCH 3 (42:29)
Weird World vs. Puf and Orange Cassidy

MATCH 4 (1:03:53)
Juan Francisco de Coronado vs. Kevin Blackwood

MATCH 5 (1:21:19)
Hallowicked / Oceanea / Kobald / Merlock
UltraMantis Black  / Willow Nightingale / Dasher Hatfield / Kodama