FAKE CULT, the Lehigh Valley 4-piece band, by all estimates, should not have worked. At all. In fact, it probably shouldn't have existed in the first place. "They basically got into hardcore after me nagging at them," guitarist Jared Smith says about his bandmates. "I was in this band before I liked hardcore. It took me six months before I liked hardcore," recalls guitarist Lee Romich. "I didn't really like any of the stuff Jared was showing me, and then, one day, I was like, 'this stuff is fucking awesome! I want to do that,'" says bassist and vocalist Cooper Leardi. Half of this band didn't even like the style of music that Smith was steering the group of friends towards, but through one way or another, the rest of the band stuck it out and eventually learned to love what they did.

To make things more interesting, it probably won't ever happen again, either. "I don't think I'd be able to be in a FAKE CULT-style band with anyone else," declares Leardi. "That would be weird." The rest of the band concurs. The band has gone their separate ways now with Romich moving to Pittsburgh and taking up drumming duties in the State College-based band Ugly Zoo, but FAKE CULT recorded this session in January 2014 for us before the split. 

1. Horrible Life
2. Sine Deus
3. Interview
4. Natural Causes
5. Closure
6. Interview
7. BAND PICK: Ovlov - Nü Pünk [am]
8. BAND PICK: Hoax - Driver [Hoax]
9. BAND PICK: Off Camber - Our Hearts Will Explode [Split 7" w/ Between Your Mind & Tongue]
10. BAND PICK: tile - Half Tooth [You Had a Friend in Pennsylvania]