Three ladies united by circumstance or as drummer Tiff Yoon explains, "Kat Bean...came into the warehouse where Cat Park and I lived, and she just never left." Their session with us was recorded when the band came to Bethlehem for Ladyfest 2014 in January at St. Bernard's in Bethlehem. The session finds the band playing songs from their latest album Amnesia which was released on iconic Philadelphia label Siltbreeze. Amanda X were no strangers to the Lehigh Valley, having performed at Secret Art Space in past years.

1. Guatemala
2. Parsnip
3. Interview
4. Nothing Wild
5. Low and Mean
6. Interview
7.  BAND PICK: Weed - Ben's Tour [Gun Control EP]
8. BAND PICK: Wish List - Dumpweed 2 [Wish List]
9. BAND PICK: Marge - Raincheck [Not Bad]
10. BAND PICK: Gunk - Creepy Crawlers [Gradual Shove]

Amanda X: