Moonstruck's gritty sound has been filling Lehigh Valley venues for a little over two years. Kelsi Page and Felicia Vee have honed a guitar and drum combo that delivers what can only be described as "controlled nastiness." The two were introduced to one another through their boyfriends during a show at Bethlehem DIY venue Secret Art Space. Inspired in part by Katy Otto and Diane Foglizzo who made up Philadelphia two-piece punk band Trophy Wife, Kelsi and Felicia bonded immediately and decided to start a band of their own. The result is a heavy crunch in their sound which delivers plenty of headbanging moments ("Airplane") while also providing memorable and catchy songwriting ("Scopo"). They recorded their Shards Session in January 2014 on a back-to-back recording day with Philly band Marge.

1. Shiny (0:08)
2. Trouble (3:40)
3. Airplane (5:27)
4. Scopo (9:26)
5. Interview (11:36)