"Enjoyment's mostly on the inside," Blake mused during our interview. "You have to make a choice in life whether you're going to enjoy things or not." Robert Sarazin Blake's choice has him living the life of a modern troubadour and enjoying his journey along the way. Blake comes from Bellingham, Washington or as he puts it, "The most northwest corner of the most northwestern city in the the most northwest state in the lower 48."

He's been bringing his modern twist on the tried-and-true folk songwriting tradition to venues around the country since 1997 when he dropped out of college to first hit the road. In the 21st century, that means playing everything from legitimate concert venues to coffee houses to DIY basement spaces. His billing alongside punk musicians has brought him an unlikely but loyal following from young audiences who may be more used to seeing a hardcore band than a folk singer. His louder, frenetic playing style coupled with his heartfelt storytelling define Robert Sarazin Blake as a unique and talented singer and songwriter. He joined us at Shards in April 2014 to record this session.

1. October 2, 3 PM (0:04)
2. Mopping (2:18)
3. Oil Money (6:10)
4. Sister (9:09)
5. Interview (12:04)

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Robert Sarazin Blake: