A Shards Session with U.S. Nero and we explore the DIY Music Scene in Hawaii

We're turning the spotlight on New Orleans and Hawaii with this show. New Orleans' U.S. Nero stopped by Shards to record a session in September 2015 while they were in the middle of their tour. U.S. Nero stands in stark contrast to the jam bands and cover bands you'll find in tourist areas of New Orleans. Jazz, punk, garage, and surf collide into a heady mix to make U.S. Nero's sound and, like so many other bands in NOLA's DIY scene, its members split their time between other area bands.

For our staff picks, we decided to do some scene archeology into the DIY music coming out of Hawaii. Its completely unique structure piqued our interest but its members' passion for the scene is what won us over. A big part of the music in Honolulu and surrounding areas is Failed Orbit Records started by Ray Farias and Kevin Tit. In 2014, Rawb Cunningham, Eduard Panen, Will and Jo Adair, and Jhune Liwanag joined Failed Orbit with the goal of using label to book shows that featured mainland bands. From throwing fundraiser shows to flying bands over to the islands, Failed Orbit has injected the Hawaii scene with new life in the last three years.


Rotten Blossom - Shut It Down (1:58)
Beaman - Eggs in a Basket (3:16)
The Bougies - Talk to You (4:22)
Strangers with Kandy - Missing the Bell (9:18)
The Anime Club - Rick & Morty (12:20)
Poncho - Green Apple (15:38)
U.S. Nero - Lost to Stay (22:49)
U.S. Nero - Race to the Bottom (26:06)
U.S. Nero - Interview Pt. 1 (29:02)
U.S. Nero - Banned from the Mall (33:26)
U.S. Nero - Who's Coming Out (36:17)
U.S. Nero - Interview Pt. 2 (39:21)
BAND PICK: Hot Blood - Rust (43:43)
T.V. Microwave - Roshi (46:48)
T.V. Microwave - Barles Charkley (47:56)
Aura Bora - Whatever (49:32)
Aura Bora - Falling Out of Love (50:38)
Jonny Eureka - Zettner Girls (53:48)
Alive & Swell - Delayed (55:48)
Feeble - Bloo (58:39)

Tape Swap would like to thank Mariana Timony of Bandcamp Daily and her excellent article on the Hawaii DIY music scene, the DIYHawaii Tumblr page, and Failed Orbit Record's Bandcamp page for proving information and material for this show.