New Orleans' U.S. Nero stopped by Shards to record a session in September 2015 while they were in the middle of their tour. U.S. Nero stands in stark contrast to the jam bands and cover bands you'll find in tourist areas of New Orleans. Jazz, punk, garage, and surf collide into a heady mix to make U.S. Nero's sound and, like so many other bands in NOLA's DIY scene, its members split their time between other area bands.

1. Lost to Stay (0:03)
2. Race to the Bottom (3:18)
3. Banned from the Mall (6:33)
4. Who's Coming Out? (9:10)
5. Benefiting from Imperialism (12:10) [BONUS WEB-ONLY SONG]
6. Interview (14:44)
7. Band Pick: Hot Blood - Rust (23:19)

Hot Blood (Band Pick):

U.S. Nero: