A Shards Session from Spirit Of…
plus a preview of the music at Allentown ArtsFest 2018

A lot of bands like to turn up the volume when they play live, but Spirit Of… have become known for their high volume live performances and towering amp set-up. Brooklyn musicians Frederick Nicholson and Mikael Tarkela use volume as one of the tools in their musical palette as they paint soundscapes with guitars, keys, vocals, and samples. After discovering Spirit Of… last year, we had to include their album Glossolalia on our list of Favorite DIY Releases of 2017. In March 2018, we invited them to Bethlehem to play one of our Tape Swap Presents shows at Lit Roastery, and they joined us afterwards at Shards to record this session.

We also mark the occasion of the Tape Swap Radio Stage returning for this year’s Allentown ArtsFest, which runs September 28-30, 2018. Matt and Shamus pick out music from some bands and artists coming to the Tape Swap Radio Stage, then ArtsFest Creative Director Brandon Wunder joins us with a mix of music from bands playing the Main Stage.

---------PART ONE---------
The Road Sodas - The Butcher (3:11)
Beach Bod - Carpel Tunnel at Fourteen (7:01)
Nate Marks - Juggalo Boat Cruise (12:57)

---------PART TWO---------
Spirit Of… - Don’t Get Up (17:54)
Spirit Of… - Cheburashka (26:52)
Spirit Of… - Interview Part 1
----> Experience playing at Tape Swap’s show at Lit Roastery (30:40)
----> What is a typical Spirit Of… show like? (31:11)
----> Finishing the new album from a hospital bed (31:42)
----> Naming the new album Glossolalia (33:31)
Spirit Of… - Burial at Sea (34:26)
Spirit Of… - Mania (38:17)
Spirit Of… - Interview Part 2
----> Mika and Fred’s musical background (43 :11)
----> Thoughts on the Brooklyn music scene (45:16)
----> Discussing the band pick (47:09)
BAND PICK: Stuyedeyed - Believer (48:00)

---------PART THREE---------
Brandon Wunder - Interview
----> The music landscape before ArtsFest began (52:39)
----> Growing ArtsFest through challenges (53:48)
----> About The Crowning (54:51)
The Crowning - Young (55:08)
Flip-Book Oscilloscope - The Skinner Box (59:18)
Brandon Wunder - Interview
----> About Flip-Book Oscilloscope (1:07:48)
----> Different festivals within a festival (1:08:37)
----> About Earthmouth (1:09:10)
Eathmouth - Harvest of the Autumn Sun (1:10:01)

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