Spread across Northeast PA and the Lehigh Valley are the four members of Under the Clothesline, a sleazy garage psych band who have begun to make an impression on the Valley’s music fans in the last couple of years. Under the Clothesline wear their music’s grime on their sleeves, sounding dirty and dingy with a disarmingly relaxed vocal style that seems to hint at something sinister lurking just beneath the surface. The band has previously performed at one of Tape Swap’s shows at the Ice House in Bethlehem and our stage at Allentown ArtsFest. The band joined us on top of the Cigar Factory for a Rooftop Session on a cold, windy day in April 2018.

SHOW #53

---------PART ONE---------
Lab Two Twelve - Interview
----> The future of media (2:26)
----> The beginning of Lab Two Twelve (3:43)
Run from the Radio - Desperate Times  (5:50)
Airspace - Too Alive to Be Human (7:44)
Lab Two Twelve - Interview
----> Discovering Airspace (12:51)
Food Truck - Wasn’t There (14:21)
Lab Two Twelve - Interview
----> Shooting Food Truck’s album cover in an actual ice cream truck (17:29)

---------PART TWO---------
Under the Clothesline - Flashlights (20:39)
Under the Clothesline - Untitled (23:56)
Under the Clothesline - Our Policy (25:26)
Under the Clothesline - Interview Part 1
----> Where is the band from? (29:52)
----> Where do they meet to practice? (30:10)
----> How did the band start? (30:38)
----> Jesse and SarahBelle’s sibling history (31:04)
----> Thoughts on playing live (30:32)
Under the Clothesline - 11 (37:57)
Under the Clothesline - Shattering Battery (36:05)
Under the Clothesline - Interview Part 2
----> Where have they toured? (40 :28)
----> New releases from the band (38:27)
----> First time playing on a rooftop? (39:50)
----> Discussing the band pick (40:32)
BAND PICK: Mind Choir - The Game (41:04)

---------PART THREE---------
Chris Kennedy - Interview
----> Why did he start hosting live music? (43:59)
----> Experience with live music before starting Live at 13 (45:21)
We’re from Antarctica - Cutting Edge (46:10)
Will Wood & The Tapeworms - 6up 5Oh Cop-Out (Pro/Con) (50:44)
Chris Kennedy - Interview
----> Why did he pick Will Wood & The Tape Worms? (54:41)
----> Chris’ main goal with Live at 13 (55:39)
----> Talking about Above the Mendosa (56:14)
Above the Mendoza - House Special 2 (1:02:58)
Chris Kennedy - Interview
----> The future of Live at 13 (1:04:42)

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