"After eight years, you have to kind of get better...even without trying." Sports for Kin may not have followed your typical band path, but they've been an enduring presence in the Lehigh Valley, outlasting many of their mid-00's peers. "The secret to our longevity is just not being able to see each other for eight months at a time," jokes drummer Steve Wilt. The last burst of activity from the band came in 2009 when they composed an original score to the film Metropolis.

In January 2013, Wilt, Kevin Kiernan, and Dan Shively returned to the band with eyes on recording new material. New to the SFK line-up this time around was Mike Martrich. They've since started recording with Mike Fisher at Maniac Studios (now called FLUX = RAD). This session was recorded in September 2013 and saw the band fresh off of one of their first shows in years--at St. Bernard's in Bethlehem.

I Still Think of Hills
Into Silent Trains
BAND PICK:  Goodnight Stars Goodnight Air - Subluminal

Goodnight Stars Goodnight Air (Band Pick):

Sports for Kin: